Try-It Tuesday: THE LAST OF US


THE LAST OF US is an incredibly popular action-adventure survival horror game developed by Naughty Dog (who’s also behind the Uncharted franchise) and published by Sony Computer Entertainment as a PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2013.

I downloaded the remastered version, free via PlayStation Plus in October 2019, to give this highly-acclaimed, multiple award winning game a try.

THE LAST OF US features a post-apocalyptic story in which Tess, Joel and Ellie make their way across a ruined Boston wasteland where spores and desperation turn people into monsters.

If my video seems pretty exciting, just keep in mind that I cut 2-1/2 hours of walking, talking and climbing. With its quick-time events, confusing stealth segments, walking simulation and boring conversations, THE LAST OF US didn’t do much for me.

You take the path the game dictates. Slowly. You listen to the conversations it gives you. No dialog choices. No skipping. There aren’t any decisions to make beyond “do I use my alcohol for molotovs or health packs?” or “should I use my limited ammo instead of this pipe that will vanish after five hits?”

I liked Tess. But I reckon she dies or disappears early, since the promotional art and online discussion is all about Joel and Ellie, so that didn’t really encourage me to continue playing, either.

I’ve been told several times “the story is good.” Maybe I didn’t play long enough to mosey along to the interesting scenes. Everything that happened in the first four hours seemed to be some version of:

Lonely guitar riff: Bow-wow-wow

(Characters shuffle into a room)

Tess: I’m mad, you know that?

Joel (gruffly): Y’all know I’m from Texas? Yeehaw or somethin’.
I jus’ don’ reckon we shud be doin’ whut we’re doin’.

Tess: We have to. Let’s get going.

Joel: Yes, ma’am

Lonely guitar riff: Bow-wow-wow

(Slow pan to the skyline)

THE LAST OF US is rated “M” for mature audiences due to blood and gore, intense violence, sexual themes and strong language.

~ J.L. Hilton

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