GLASS MASQUERADE is a beautiful, relaxing stained glass puzzle game developed and published by Onyx Lute.

Each puzzle is a colorful clock face inspired by the histories and cultures of twenty-five different countries. There are no time limits but puzzles may be repeated for a faster time, or just to listen to the enchanting soundtrack by Russian composer Nikita Sevalnev.

I enjoyed this game very much. My video shows the first five puzzles – France, Britain, Germany, Portugal and USA – with action sped up 5x to shorten the run time. The entire game will take about three to four hours, depending on how fast you work.

My only criticism of GLASS MASQUERADE is that manipulation of the puzzle pieces with the joystick is a bit awkward on PS4. I’m also disappointed that I can’t get the Halloween, Christmas and other bonus puzzles available to PC players. A sequel, Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions, is available for PC, and I’m hoping it will come to consoles soon.

GLASS MASQUERADE is rated “E” for everyone, and available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

UPDATE (FEB 2020): The sequel is now available on PS4.

~ J.L. Hilton

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