I am a storyteller and a jewelsmith, telling stories with jewelry and putting jewelry in my stories. My jewelry creations are featured in the books Steampunk Style Jewelry and 1000 Steampunk Creations, and jewelry is a part of my Stellarnet Series, where the aliens wear meaningful jewelry called nagyx or “soul stone” necklaces.

Jewelry is more than mere decoration. It contains memories, magic and meaning. Adornment is a form of communication that tells stories about who we are.

One of my earliest memories is stringing beads to make myself a necklace like Cinderella’s in the Disney movie. By the age of 10, I made rings and bracelets with wire. I started selling handmade jewelry in my teens. I’ve sold online since 1999, via eBay and my own website, and then on Etsy from 2014-2019.

My pieces are currently sold at I stream Maker Mondays at and have a JLHjewelry crafting channel on YouTube.

I enjoy working with found items, vintage jewelry and other curiosities to make unique and narrative jewelry. There’s a gallery of my work on Deviant Art.

Every piece, no matter how simple or small, is made with intense love and fearless creativity.

~ Jen


* * *

“Love this ring. Unique and funky. Shipped and received timely.” – Dierdre, May 2019 (Etsy)

“Thank you for such a beautiful doll bracelet. I will definitely buy from this shop again.”  – Kathy, December 2017 (Etsy)

“I never cease to be amazed by the beauty, quality and creativity involved in every piece! You must definitely own several pieces of her awesomeness!” – Heather, November 2014

“I love the things you create! There is always so much more than the pictures can capture and the detail and combinations are truly one of a kind. I’m always awed when I see them in person.” – Helen, July 2014

“Thank you so much, they are amazingly beautiful, like all your great work.” – Amanda, June 2013

“This is absolutely beautiful and everything I had in mind!!” – Elizabeth, April 2012

“The jewelry came today and everything is gorgeous and fantastic as always.” – A.B., December 2011

“The necklace arrived today. It’s fantastic!” – Tina, October 2011

“I have never really been a jewelry person, but the pieces you create bring me a happiness I never I thought I’d find in owning jewelry.” – Barb, August 2011

“Thanks so much. I love my pendant. You do lovely work. Can’t wait to see what you do next.” – Elisa, April 2011

“My bracelet arrived today and I just wanted to let you know that it is even more fantastic than I expected. And it fits perfectly. Thank you so much!” – Megan, March 2011

“I just got the ring today, and I am in love with it. It is so much more delicate and elegant and organic even then it looked, it is marvelous! I can’t thank you enough.” – Linda, Jan 2011

“I received the necklace and it is awesome. I am so bad at picking out gifts but I think you can save me again in the future. This is the only style of jewelry that has ever excited/inspired me to give with confidence. Thanks.” – Rickey, Sept 2010

“I’m being urged to buy more of your jewelry by my husband… We were walking around a mall this weekend and saw all this jewelry people were selling, and he said it wasn’t as nice as what you make!” – Barb, May 2010

“I just received the earrings and I am thrilled!! Thank you so much for making them! I really appreciate all you have done!” – Loredana, May 2010

“Received the necklace today – gorgeous! Thanks!” – Lori, May 2010

“Thank you so much – I just received the necklace. It is PERFECT. I will definitely look forward to buying more of your beautiful jewelry in the future.” – Mandy, April 2010

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“Thank you so much for your contributions and support towards the success of Can’t Stop the Serenity 2009 as a global sponsor. The 2009 season of global charity events raised a staggering $137,000 for Equality Now and other worthy charities, and we could not have done it without you.” – Jen Cummings, Global Communications & Acting Global Organiser,Can’t Stop the Serenity, February 2010

“THANK YOU! It is beautiful… I really appreciate it!” – Mary, February 2010

“My order came in the mail today, and I’m so excited! They’re gorgeous!” – Brittany, July 2009

“Got my earrings today, and I love them! They feel comfortable to wear and look terrific on. Great price, and they came quickly in the mail to Canada, via Sihnon, Londinium and Beaumonde, per the stamps on the package. The Alliance may be evil, but it has great postal service. They even came complete with dinosaurs! Beautiful work, couldn’t be happier in the ‘verse.” – Corrina, July 2009

“The earrings arrived safely and they are even more gorgeous than described. Thanks again.” – Kate (repeat customer), March 2009

“The pendant is even more lovely in person than it was in the photo! I knew when I saw the pendant it was made for me.” – Molly, October 2008

“The pendant arrived a couple weeks ago. I’ve worn it a few times and have received compliments every time I wear it!! I look forward to buying more jewelry from you.” – Jamie, October 2008

“I just got the order in today. All of the pieces are fabulous. The sun pendant is utterly amazing, I have no words for the stunning craftsmanship that went in to creating this piece. It’s my favorite necklace ever!!!! I was a bit hesitant to spend so much on jewelry from an unknown (to me) source. Believe me, I’m going to be regular customer! You do fabulous work, and it shows as each of the pieces are adorable! I can hardly wait to wear them tomorrow!!” – Jamie, September 2008

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“I just received my necklace and it is fabulous! Your wearable art will never cease to amaze me with the beauty, style, and care you make them with. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!” – Molly, July 2008

“My bracelet arrived in today’s mail. As usual, even shinier than the photos! I particularly appreciate the thought you put into selecting the beads… that thoughtfulness makes this bracelet truly special. Thank you for your wonderful, wearable art!” – T.G. (repeat customer) June 2008

“Thank you for the two bracelets which arrived safely today. They are GORGEOUS. You certainly have some imagination to take the component parts and make something so lovely out of them… I loved it all. Many thanks.” – Kate (repeat customer) May 2008

“I just received the earrings today. They are lovely! Thank you!” – Hsin, April 2008

“I got the bracelet today and it is beautiful!!! I have had several compliments already.” – Kris (repeat customer), March 2008

“My necklace is so lovely, the materials fit together so beautifully and I just adore it. The ceramic beads are really phenomenal. Thank you!!” – Heather (repeat customer), February 2008

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“Jen! I never let you know that the bracelet and wonderful earrings arrived! The jingling under my ears never fails to cheer me up, and the bracelet is really lovely – the glass beads have such a great little weight and sound… Thanks for the purty purty shiny work!” – K.A., September 2007

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“Got the fairy oak necklace yesterday, and it’s truly magical!! Thank you, once again, for your wonderful talent.” – Paige, August 2007

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“I received the bracelet this morning – very fast delivery. It’s gorgeous.I shall definitely be ordering from you again!! Thank you xx” – Jasmine, April 2007

“The necklace arrived yesterday and it is just beautiful. The silver chain you selected is a perfect compliment to the pendant – I love it! Thanks again, Nancy” April 2007

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“I wanted you to know how happy I am with the jewelry. I received the pieces on Monday and I just love both of them. The craftsmanship is wonderful and both exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much for making something so unique and meaningful available to Firefly/Serenity fans!” – Susan B., Sept 2006

“I haven’t had a chance to thank you for the WONDERFUL necklace. It really is spectacular and I love it. Thank you so much.” – Heather, April 2006

“Dear Jen, GE had another spectacular year raising money for the Komen NC Triangle Race For The (Breast Cancer) Cure. We raised $35,254.38 including matching funds from GE. This donation made us, for the second year in a row, the winning pledge team. We are very excited about this and want to send our sincere thanks to you for making so many wonderful beaded things for us to sell at the Shopping Spree. Your time and talent helped us to exceed our goal set for this year. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Elizabeth S.”

“I received my order last week and immediately put on my bracelet and went shopping. The very first place I stopped when I was checking out the cashier said what a beautiful bracelet I had on. I could not agree with her more. …Again thanks for all extra time you spend making sure your customers will be happy.” – Sue S.

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“Sometimes I’m a little leery of ordering things via the internet because the quality, etc. isn’t always what one is led to believe. I’ll not hesitate to call on you again in the future. The charms are even better than I had hoped. Thanks, Jen, for being so responsive and for not only doing great work but for making the transaction so easy. My wife is going to absolutely love these.” – Brett

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