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Is it science fiction, sci-fi or SF?

I’m a published science fiction author but I still don’t grok the difference between “science fiction,” “sci-fi” and “SF.” As with religion, I’ve been warned to choose the right one or else. I’ve been told that “science fiction” refers to the real … Continue reading

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Guest: B.V. Larson on his self-published success

My cousin Brian is also an author. He’s a self-publishing success story, reaching as many as a thousand downloads a day and over a million copies sold since 2010, which led to contract offers from publishers. His most recent book, … Continue reading

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How I left my husband for a guy with pointy ears

I’d hired Teldryn Sero because I didn’t care if he died. Little did I know I would fall in love with him and leave my husband in Solitude with a crate of gems, two adopted urchins, and a bottle of … Continue reading

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