As far as I know, there is nothing quite like UNTITLED GOOSE GAME. Its simple, storybook graphics remind me of Burly Men at Sea and Unfinished Swan, while its humor and mischievousness are akin to Catlateral Damage or Octodad. Goat Simulator also comes to mind, but that game is much darker and more violent, thus rated “M” for mature audiences.

UNTITLED GOOSE GAME is rated “E” for everyone. At worst, you cause people to hammer their thumbs or fall on their bums. You play as a wild goose on the loose, stealing keys, hiding tools, honking at frightened children, flapping your wings, snatching shoes, and generally wreaking feathered havoc upon a small English village.

Developed by four-person indie studio House House and published by Panic in September 2019, UNTITLED GOOSE GAME consists mostly of stealth and puzzles, with a number of creative ways to use the objects and environment to achieve each goal.

I spent six extremely enjoyable hours playing through the story and all of the bonus “to do” list objectives that are added after completing the main game. I did not do any of the optional “before the church bells ring” speed runs.

While single-player, it’s fun to play with others watching, as I did while streaming, or to play with family and friends, passing the controller around and seeing how different people approach each task.

I also love the “reactive” music in UNTITLED GOOSE GAME, where the soundtrack responds not only to the environment – such as playing different music when one moves from the garden to the high street shop – but also responds to actions in the game – such as playing slowly when the goose is in hiding then speeding up the tempo when the goose is noticed and chased by villagers.

Available for PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and macOS.

~ J.L. Hilton

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