Try-It Tuesday: DARK ARCANA the Carnival

Another Artifex Mundi treat! In this 2012 point-and-click puzzle game, DARK ARCANA: THE CARNIVAL, a detective searches for a missing woman in a colorful amusement park and its creepy magical mirror realm.

I tried the free demo on Playstation 4. The full game is available for PS4, Xbox One, smartphone and PC. Rated “T” for “Teen” due to violence and blood.

If you like fortune tellers, monkeys, carousels, and hidden object games, as I do, join me in October when I play through the whole game! It will be perfect for Halloween.

UPDATE OCT 15, 2018: I played through the entire story, starting over from the beginning.

UPDATE NOV 1, 2018: On Halloween, I played the “Last Chapter” bonus level, an epilogue about knife thrower Jim Gibbons.

~ J.L. Hilton

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