Try-It Tuesday CATS IN TIME

CATS IN TIME is a 2021 relaxing puzzle game from Pine Studio that I bought on Steam for only $4.99. It’s kind of a combination hidden object puzzle and escape room, though you’re not really stuck in any particular place and it’s possible to leave a level and go back to it later. But some of the puzzle mechanics are a lot like common escape room puzzles.

Players are not only looking for cats, they must find keys, levers, codes, puzzles and other objects, in order to locate all of the cats hidden throughout history. In one level, for example, I had to find a crowbar and pry open a crate to release the cat inside.

Areas include ancient Egypt, medieval Germany, the Wild West, 1990s New York and future Tokyo. There are seven different areas, with four levels in each area, plus some bonus seasonal levels.

Unlike most hidden object games, CATS IN TIME doesn’t have 2D scenes or side-scrolling images. Each level is based around a 3D tower that can be rotated and zoomed in or out.

There are little secrets, too, like pieces of postcards hidden in every level, and random crazy things to uncover for special trophies.

I can’t find the ESRB rating for this game but it seems like an “E” for everyone, to me! Great game for all ages.

~ J.L. Hilton

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