I played NIER:AUTOMATA for three reasons:

1) There’s a free demo for PS4

2) Viewers requested it

3) Jim Sterling included the game in his “Game of the Year Awards 2017” video

The music and gameplay gave me a warm fuzzy flashback to Kingdom Hearts on PS2. And while I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts many years ago, third-person button-combo games aren’t really my thing any more.

NIER:AUTOMATA constantly shifted between over-the-shoulder, side-scroller and top-down camera angles, which might be really cool for someone who liked those sorts of games, but it’s not for me.

I’m not into anime, and I’m not a fan of the anime tropes such as teenage characters (or characters that look like teens, even if they’re old and/or androids), soft-spoken emo dudes who have to discuss their feels in the first three minutes you meet them, and fighting giant machines while wearing stiletto hip boots and flashing your panties at everyone.

But that’s what Try-It Tuesday is all about — having new experiences and trying games I wouldn’t usually play.

~ J.L. Hilton

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