Illogicon schedule Jan 12-14, 2018

ILLOGICON is a community based convention dedicated to Science Fiction & Fantasy in TV, movies, animation, comics, visual arts, pod casts, and video games. This year, I’ll be a participant in the following panels:

The Art and Music in Science Fiction – FRIDAY – 3PM – Spaceships are cool, but so are costumes that reflect a culture, in-universe cantina music, and sprawling space-murals that tell the story of a people. But in space. Join out panel talk about those human details that make a world a home, even when it’s alien. Moderator: Michael G. Williams. Panelists: Darin Kennedy, Andrew Greeson, J.L. Hilton.

Sex in Other Worlds (18+) – FRIDAY – 11PM – How do aliens… do it? Moderator: J.L. Hilton. Panelists: Julie Steinbacher, Natania Barron, James Maxey, Jim McDonald.

Fanfiction: Fun and Fundamentals – SATURDAY – 5PM – Fanfic! What it is, why we love it, where to find it, how to do it. Moderator: J.L. Hilton. Panelists: Stacey Lantagne (GoH), Alyssa Wong (GoH), Tracy Walker, Gerty McHenry.

Living the Dream and Getting Paid – SUNDAY – 2PM – So you’re ready to turn that hobby into a career (or a least a decent side hustle)? We gotta talk shop on financial planning and the business side of creativity. Moderator: Ian Malone. Panelists: Jim McDonald, Ada Milenkovic Brown, Fraser Sherman, J.L. Hilton.

~ J.L. Hilton

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