Try-It Tuesday: EVENTIDE Slavic Fable

After playing Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink, I wanted to do another Artifex Mundi demo so this week I tried EVENTIDE: SLAVIC FABLE.

Clockwork Tales was inspired by steampunk, and EVENTIDE by Slavic myth. In EVENTIDE, you are a botanist, Dr. Mary Gilbert, whose grandmother is the caretaker of a heritage park. After her grandma Baba is captured by a gargoyle (called a “moth” in the game), Mary sets out to rescue her. On her adventure, she makes an herbal poultice to heal a magical boy, solves puzzles, and meets some mythical creatures.

Like other games by Artifex Mundi, a Polish game development company, EVENTIDE is a point-and-click puzzle-solving adventure story.

I enjoyed it so much, I bought the full game and streamed it all, including the bonus “Midsummer Night” adventure, unlocked after completing the main story.

~ J.L. Hilton

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