Try-It Tuesday: CLOCKWORK TALES Of Glass and Ink

This week I tried a game called CLOCKWORK TALES: Of Glass and Ink, a throwback to my days of playing point-and-click puzzle adventures on the PC. A decade or so ago, when my kids were little and I didn’t have a lot of time or energy for longer, more challenging games, I would entertain myself with the likes of Azada, Mystery Case Files, and Dream Chronicles.

In CLOCKWORK TALES, you are Evangeline Glass and must save your mentor Dr. Ink, who disappears while investigating the cause of powerful earthquakes in the small snowy town of Hochwald. Developed by Artifex Mundi and published in 2013, the game has hand-drawn scenes inspired by the steampunk genre, and includes a clockwork crow companion, “steambugs” (clockwork insects), a Victorian dollhouse and an airship.

Click here to try the free PS4 demo

As far as game mechanics, it isn’t much different from the game I played last week, Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations, just a little more complex because it’s meant for teens and adults, not children. You move through a level, interact with people and objects, and figure out how to use those assets to progress through the story. But this one also includes brain teasers and hidden object games.

If you like steampunk and you’re looking for a casual game with an interesting story, check out  CLOCKWORK TALES. Rated “T” for teens.

~ J.L. Hilton

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