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For fun, I created Tarot cards of the main characters in my Stellarnet books, the cyberpunk romantic tale of interstellar news blogger Genevieve O’Riordan, her soulmate and alien rebel-turned-ambassador Duin, and the sapphire-skinned outcast Belloc. In the second book, Stellarnet Prince, they visit Earth, meet the U.S. president, punch monsters in the eye, thwart a kidnapping, befriend a cyber-ghost and consult digital tarot cards.

Cross my palm with silver and we’ll see what their cards have to tell us…

Genevieve “J’ni” O’Riordan as the Queen of Cups

The QUEEN OF CUPS represents love, compassion, kindness, creativity and literacy. She is of pure heart, a loving woman and a loyal friend, just like Genevieve O’Riordan. In Stellarnet Rebel, Genny is moved by Duin’s account of his world, Glin. Tikati invaders enslave and imprison Duin’s people and begin a process of environmental devastation. She uses her blog to interview him and tries to convince Earth to intervene. In Stellarnet Prince, she’s become a reluctant Net celebrity dedicated to mending the rifts between humanity and aliens, between herself and her xenophobic parents, and between the two individuals she loves most in the universe.

Duin as the King of Cups

Duin, like the KING OF CUPS, is a mature, paternal man who is creative, intelligent and kind. The elder of his river, he cares about others and always responds to their needs with compassion. He is tolerant of all points of view and shows patience in the most trying of circumstances – unless he has to deal with the Tikati who invaded his home. Then he’s hot vengeance on a stick and woe to any who get in his way. His magnanimous good nature is pushed to the breaking point in Stellarnet Prince, when he attempts to ally Glin with the U.S. and join the United Nations, but humanity’s friendship is as challenging as Tikat’s aggression.

Belloc as the Knight of Cups

The KNIGHT OF CUPS is romantic, sensitive, introverted, visionary and intense. He will give the impression of being open, calm and caring, but is often subject to intense inner turmoil and insecurity. This card represents someone who will sweep you off of your feet, pledge to love you forever, propose marriage, tell you everything you want to hear – and mean every word he says. He will rescue you, adore you, and fear he still isn’t worthy of you. Is it no wonder that Belloc is a reader favorite? But does he have the strength to keep secrets that could start a civil war and destroy the only people he loves?

The Major Arcana card STRENGTH represents the ability to weather any storm, to swim when one might sink. Genny needs strength to withstand the disapproval of her parents and the scrutiny of a Net-based society where every move she makes is followed, blogged and trolled, every minute of the day. Duin needs strength to deal with the dark side of humanity and the horrible truth behind the Tikati invasion. Belloc needs strength to face the terrifying r’naw of Glin and the ghosts of his past.

I’ve chosen the r’naw eye as a symbol of that strength, for reasons that readers of Stellarnet Prince will understand.

R’naw eye and Belloc’s gloved hand for Strength

Tikati as the Devil

The Ace of Cups with a j’ni flower

Hax as the Magician

Colonel Blaze Villanueva as the King of Swords

Seth MacGowan as the Knight of Swords

Any other Stellarnet Tarot cards you’d like to see?

~ J.L. Hilton

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