Stellarnet Rebel featured in Carina Press newsletter

STELLARNET REBEL is the featured book in my publisher’s newsletter!

It’s also in the “Our Staff Loves…” section, where my editor Alison Janssen has this to say:

Stellarnet Rebel is such a smart, vivid and perfect imagining of space colonization and first contact with new species. The worldbuilding feels like a natural extension of what we have today—internet culture, LOL-speak and MMORPG slang, body mods and constant connectivity through personal devices—all of it is there, just amplified and extrapolated a half century or so into the future.

“And living in that fully-realized world, a cast of incredible characters, who are striving to make a measurable, positive impact on the universe. Genny, the blogger who gives voice to the overlooked members of society; Duin, the leader of a resistance on his home world, who struggles every day to get humanity to listen and help his people; and Belloc, the fiercely loyal, private, and sexily sullen alien who will do anything to protect the people he loves.

“I absolutely loved how easily I was swept into the world of Stellarnet Rebel, and how believable J.L.’s version of the future felt. I am so lucky to have worked with her on this title!”

~ J. L. Hilton

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