Noobs and noodles at Illogicon

ILLOGICON was a small, first-year, fan-run science fiction convention in my home town this past weekend, with an attendance of about 200. I went not only to sell my handmade jewelry, but to promote Stellarnet Rebel and have fun!

This event had a very welcoming community. I enjoyed seeing the amazing costumes, meeting some really nice people, and talking about my one-of-a-kind steampunk jewelry and gnome terrariums. Big shout out to my con-minion, Lilith, for keeping me company and making a Bojangles run.

I also had the opportunity to appear on the Triangle Area Authors panel with Sam Montgomery-Blinn, Richard Dansky, M. David Blake, and Jeremy Whitley.

And, of course, I talked about my novel all weekend. What I didn’t expect was how often I was asked about my publisher, Carina Press, who became somewhat of a hot topic at this small con because of a bag of lanyards.

When Carina Press first sent me a large mass of bright pink doohickeys, I was a bit, “Uh… why?” I never knew lanyards were so popular, but many people wanted them for their Illogicon ID badges. Those, and all the free Carina Press pads and pens, had me feeling like I was the Carina Press/J.L. Hilton table. It was exciting to be able to spread the word about this great publisher and all of their awesome titles.

Btw, I think the most popular Carina Press/Harlequin promo sticker was the “I (heart) Zombies.” lol

Here are some more highlights from ILLOGICON.

More people I met:
Scott Smith, sweet person and talented artist
Chained Elegance, the dude with the superior beard
Jon Batson, songwriter, author
Firetower Studios, cool comics guys (and one girl!)
Stellarcon 36 (where I’ll be a guest in March)
ConTemporal steampunk convention

Can’t wait to do ILLOGICON 2013!

– J. L. Hilton

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