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Mrs. Potts drawing challenge

Someone joked on Twitter about Mrs. Potts being impossible to draw without looking like some sort of demonic elephant, and they invited people to try it. This is my attempt, sketched in about 10 minutes from a reference pic. Not … Continue reading

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No, this is not another negative review of STRANGE MAGIC

I love Strange Magic. I know there’s a load of crappy reviews and it’s only earned about $12 million in theaters. I still love the characters, the animation, and the music. I love the unconventional storyline (says the author who won … Continue reading

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Guest: Jax Garren, “How Beauty Met the Beast”

My guest today is Jax Garren, author of How Beauty Met the Beast, a retelling of the classic fairy tale about a scarred army veteran and an educated burlesque dancer who team up with the Underlight anarchists to fight corporate … Continue reading

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