Illogicon 2019

This weekend I’ll be at ILLOGICON VIII, a convention for science fiction and fantasy in books, live action TV and movies, animation, comics, the visual arts, pod casts, video games and more. I’ll be on a panel about live streaming and another about cats and

4pm Saturday JAN 12 – Twitching to Stream: Live Streaming 101

So you’re thinking about live streaming? There are a lot of things you should consider before hitting that Go Live button for the first time. Whether you’re looking to stream on Twitch or YouTube, this panel will discuss basic hardware and software recommendations, how to choose your first game, and what you can expect from streaming. Spoiler: it’s way more than just playing games!

Panelists: Emily Wolf aka RamenWitch (Moderator), J.L. Hilton, Rich Sigfrit

11am Sunday JAN 13 – Cat!!! Imma Kitty Cat and I dance dance dance

CatAngelsNC will lead a discussion on cats in movies, TV, video games etc. Will also talk briefly on how one can help cats in your community and what Cat Angel does.

Panelists: J.L. Hilton (Moderator), Elizabeth Towns (Cat Angels representative), Michael G. Williams, Tracy Holt, Alex Matsuo

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