Try-It Tuesday: ABYSS the Wraiths of Eden

I wanted to try ABYSS: THE WRAITHS OF EDEN this week because it sounded similar to BioShock. From developer Artifex Mundi’s website:

The utopian city of Eden, located at the bottom of the sea, was once a haven of peace, harmony and beauty. Constructed in secret by a group of enlightened people who treasured noble ideals, knowledge and new discoveries, it blossomed into a harmonious, peaceful society. However, their insatiable curiosity led to Eden’s downfall…

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Both creepy underwater cities of Eden and Rapture have an Art Deco style, but BioShock is a first-person shooter rated “M” for mature, and ABYSS: THE WRAITHS OF EDEN is a casual point-and-click, hidden-object and puzzle adventure rated “T” for teens.

~ J.L. Hilton

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