JUNK HEAD 1: Into the dystopian rabbit hole

Takahide Hori spent four years making the stop-action 30-minute movie Junk Head 1 in his spare time. In his futuristic take on Alice in Wonderland, we follow an unnamed protagonist down, down, down, into the bowels of a futuristic hellscape of nightmares and dark humor where Earth has become a dytopian industrial labyrinth inhabited by cyborgs (the humans above) and clones (the monsters below).

The story is fascinating, disturbing, entertaining and visually stunning. Takahide Hori delivers a quality mix of Harryhausen, Tim Burton, and a Tool music video. And, remember, he did it alone. In his spare time.

Now he’s looking to raise $100,000 on Indiegogo so he can quit his white-collar job and devote himself full-time to creating Junk Head 2. Can you spare $5 to make a SF brother’s dream come true? And benefit all of us in the process? I’d love to see a sequel.

The Escapist reports that if he doesn’t raise the funds, he’ll quit making movies because it’s too stressful to try and work a full-time job and animate on the side. I totally get that. I can’t afford to write full-time, and trying to squeeze a major project – Stellarnet Prince – into my “spare time” just about killed me in 2012. Which is why it’s taking me so long to finish the next book in the series.

I think it would be a crying shame if the incredibly talented Takahide Hori didn’t continue storytelling. This video is wonderful.

Check out Junk Head 1 in its entirety, with English subtitles.

WARNING: Dark, graphic and violent, possibly NSFW. Review before showing to your children.


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