Character interview with Genny, Duin & Belloc

Paranormal and SF romance author Veronica Scott interviewed J’ni, Duin and Belloc, the main characters in Stellarnet Prince. This interview originally appeared on her blog November 8, 2012.

Veronica Scott: Today it’s my pleasure to interview three lively characters from STELLARNET PRINCE. Welcome to: Genevieve O’Riordan / J’ni Nagyx Duin (she has two names, human and Glinnish), Duin and Belloc!

First a very short blurb about the book: One rebel. One outcast. One blogger – who loves them both. In a universe where everything is on the Net, they must keep secrets that could tear their relationship and an alien world apart. Book two in the Stellarnet Series, following Stellarnet Rebel (January 2012).

What was your life like growing up?

DUIN: It was glorious! I was born in White River, in the Watershed area of Glin, where there were always fwap to eat but one too many garrablug. (Laughs) I could show you the scar where that one too many bit me. I had three fathers, two mothers, and Whish Nagyx Sala – the soul bound of the mother who gave birth to me, though he died when I was a nursling.

I had… (counts on fingers) twelve siblings. I think. Maybe more, but I left White River as soon as I could hunt and never returned. Blame Ullu. She made me want to stay in Willup W’Kuay. What about you, J’ni?

J’NI: I’m an only child. I grew up in old Chicago, on Earth. My father was a lawyer most of my life. He’s a judge now. My mother was – still is – involved in various political groups, foundations, charities and that sort of thing. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. My mother thinks that’s why I’m a difficult person now, because I wasn’t socialized properly in a daycare.

DUIN: Great Rain, J’ni, you are one of the least “difficult” humans I’ve ever encountered. Cressa is entirely wrong, on that account.

J’NI: She’s wrong about a lot of things, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Belloc, do you want to talk about your childhood?

BELLOC: No. Should I?

DUIN: Of course not. Next question, please.

V.S.: Before you met each other, what were your plans/hopes for the future?

DUIN: I aspired to nothing more than to see my children have more children while I hunted wallump and swam beyond the Last Wave a happy, free Glin, whose soul would return to my family again in the Great Rain. Then the Tikati came with their flame-throwers and water tankers. They destroyed my village and imprisoned my family. I found a way to leave Glin and went to Asteria Colony for aid.

J’NI: I went to Asteria Colony as a blogger for Interstellar News Corps. I had no idea Duin was there, but I knew there would be some interesting stories in such a remote place. I had a friend stationed in the military zone, and he emailed me about it. I discovered Duin in the Sector M market square.

DUIN: I used to stand on one of the sewer pipes and recite great political speeches from human history, mixed in with information about the oppression of my people. No one cared and I didn’t know what else to do, until J’ni washed up on my shore. Belloc, were you in the refugee camp on Wandalin, by then?

BELLOC: My only plans were to avoid drawing attention to myself, and to survive. Though I had little reason, after my mother died in a Tikati prison ship.

V.S.: Do you have a motto or code you live by?

DUINAwah na glem! “For water and freedom!” It’s the motto of every Glin who resisted the Tikati invasion.

J’NI: I’ve always liked that quote about how evil only exists when good people do nothing. I will never sit by and do nothing, if I can help it.

BELLOC: I own J’ni my life. She is the only current that guides me.

V.S.: What one thing would you take to a desert island?

DUIN: Well, water, obviously, if it’s a desert. I couldn’t survive in a desert without it.

J’NI: I think it’s more of a hypothetical question, to identify the thing you value most.

DUIN: I don’t value any one thing. Humanity’s illusions of ownership assume I would elevate things above love, freedom, water, you, Belloc, my people, my world? What a ridiculous question.

BELLOC: Assume there’s water, and J’ni and I are with you, and we can make slings and huts and hunt for food. What else would you want?

DUIN: Nothing at all. That’s sounds delightful. When can we leave?

BELLOC: I’d take Mysteria. That’s the best MMO on the Net.

J’NI: I’d take chocolate. That’s one thing I really missed when I was in the Glin refugee camp. Other than Duin, of course.

DUIN: I’ve never known you to lie, J’ni.

J’NI: I’m not lying. I did miss you.

DUIN: With our young, handsome husband as a distraction? You disappoint me, Belloc.

BELLOC: We weren’t married then. I didn’t think she’d be interested in me, when she shared the soul of the Elder of Long River, Hero of the Uprising and founder of the Freedom Council. I meant nothing to her.

J’NI: Yes, you did. You were my best friend, when I needed you most.

V.S.: What are your future plans?

BELLOC: J’ni and I are having a human wedding ceremony on Asteria, and then all three of us are going to Earth.

J’NI: We’ll be stopping in India and then heading to the United States to meet President Hamilton and visit my parents.

DUIN: I intend to establish a Glin chancery within Washington, D.C., and continue strengthening Glin’s friendship with Earth. I’ve petitioned to join the U.N. and hopefully we’ll force the Tikati out of Glin, once and for all. I am indebted to the United States for the work we’ve done together so far, but I want to make sure an invasion will never occur again. Glin is still extremely vulnerable.

J’NI: Thank you for inviting us to your blog. Your readers can find out more about us on the Net at

V.S.: Totally my pleasure!

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