Get thee to a book editor

STELLARNET REBEL would not exist without Linda Cashdan. She is one half of The Word Process, a partnership of two published novelists and veteran journalists who provide developmental editing, manuscript editing, ghostwriting, and assistance with book proposals and query letters.

“Writing a book is an intense, personal undertaking, fraught with self-doubt. You may find yourself wondering whether your characters are as interesting to others as they are to you, whether your prose flows smoothly, whether your plot works, or whether you are getting your message out. Since a book is a big investment of time and emotion, it is well worth getting a second opinion.” – The Word Process

This is exactly why I turned to Linda. Before I invested time and money searching for agents and querying publishers, I first and foremost wanted to know if STELLARNET REBEL was something worth reading. Because, if friends and family like you, they will lie. I needed an insider who could give me a clear, unbiased opinion.

Linda understood the story better than I did, zeroing in on the parts that troubled me and loving the parts I loved. Her recommendations helped me develop a stronger plot, better characters, and good query letters. Her encouragement and advice helped me through the long lonely periods when I almost gave up. I can’t thank her enough.

~ J.L. Hilton

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