Working on cover art for Stellarnet Rebel

My Doctor.

I just received the “Art Fact Sheet” from my publisher, where I get to tell them all about STELLARNET REBEL so they can design a kickass cover. I have to fill out information about the genre, themes, mood, plot, and characters. Which got me thinking about some of the actors and actresses who remind me of characters in the novel.

I didn’t watch the Ninth Doctor season of DOCTOR WHO until after I’d created Genny and Duin and written most of STELLARNET REBEL. But Christopher Eccleston’s interpretation of the Doctor is so similar to the way I see Duin in my mind, I just can’t look at him without thinking of Duin.

An inspiring heroine.

Rose is similar in many ways to Genny, but I can’t say she inspired the character, because I created the character prior to seeing her. However, Lucy Griffiths (Lady Marian in the 2006 BBC ROBIN HOOD) was absolutely one of the inspirations for Genny. Marian is strong, intelligent, compassionate, heroic, and manages to be gorgeous without looking like a Hollywood bim. Probably because, like Billie Piper, they’re on BBC. I love Britain’s idea of attractiveness–in women and men–and how there are popular actors of all shapes, types and ages. You don’t really get that in the U.S.


Another inspiration from ROBIN HOOD is Richard Armitage. Too old to portray Belloc (if there were a BBC or HBO adaptation–hey, I can dream), he is nonetheless one of the primary models for my mysterious sapphire Glin. The smoldering hot sexiness, deep voice, and brooding intensity are Belloc all over.

His “biker-outlaw” leathers are also an inspiration for Duin’s wallump suit. Except that Duin’s suit is dark gray, not black, fits more like a wetsuit, and has a little iridescent sheen. And buttons. Little pearly buttons across his chest and neck, not unlike Richard Sharpe’s uniform. Which just forces you to take longer unwrapping their manly package of awesome, building the anticipation until… uh… where was I?


By the time I watched PILLARS OF THE EARTH, I was busy submitting STELLARNET REBEL to agents and publishers. But Eddie Redmayne would make a good Belloc, too. While “Jack Jackson” in PILLARS was medieval not futuristic, human not alien, a sculptor not a musician, the emotionality and personality of the character was entirely Belloc-ness. Taciturn and intense, Jack also has sweet gallantry rather than Guy of Gisborne’s dark malevolence.




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