Working on cover art for Stellarnet Rebel

I just received the “Art Fact Sheet” from my publisher Carina Press. I have to fill it out with information about the genre, themes, mood, plot, and characters of Stellarnet Rebel. The questions got me thinking about some of the actors and actresses who remind me of characters in the novel.

I didn’t watch the Ninth Doctor season of DOCTOR WHO until after I’d written most of Stellarnet Rebel, but Christopher Eccleston’s performance of the Doctor reminds me of Duin and Rose reminds me of Genny, my main characters. Lucy Griffiths from ROBIN HOOD would also be a good Genny.

By the time I watched PILLARS OF THE EARTH, I was busy submitting Stellarnet Rebel to agents and publishers, but Eddie Redmayne would be a wonderful Belloc. While PILLARS is medieval not futuristic, and Jack is human not alien, the personality of the character was very Belloc.

~ J.L. Hilton

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