Notes from NASFiC

I met several lovely people this week at the North American Science Fiction Convention.

* Craig Cummings, creator of marvelous steampunk regalia and impromptu master of ceremonies at the Steampunk Fashion Show.

John G. Hemry, author of the Stark’s War, Paul Sinclair and Lost Fleet series, and just the nicest, most unpretentious and genuine person. Thank you, Mr. Hemry, for being so gracious, open, and not making me feel like a peon.

David J. Halperin, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at the UNC-Chapel Hill and author of “Journal of a UFO Investigator” (coming in 2011). Another incredibly nice, very gracious individual, a true gentleman.

Mary Robinette Kowal, author of “Shades of Milk and Honey,” VP of SFWA, and puppeteer. Yes, puppeteer! Plus, she gave away beautiful sandalwood fans to promote her book. I love the smell of sandalwood.

Bull Spec editor Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, who is incredibly nice and knowledgeable about local sci-fi writers. Kindly check out his magazine. He works very hard on it, and uses Linux cuz it’s free, of course. Team Linux!

* Raleigh author Mark L. Van Name, author of “Children No More.” Proceeds from the book go to Falling Whistles: Campaign for Peace in the Congo.

Christiana Ellis, local podcaster extraordinaire who interviewed me in 2008 for my role in coordinating our local Can’t Stop the Serenity. Now she has a book out, Nina Kimberly the Merciless, and after talking to her about it, I can’t wait to read it!

Sara M. Harvey, steampunk author and costumer, as well as a professional historian, fan of Serenity, and just an all-around delightful person.

* With an effervescence which borders on mania, Davey Beauchamp is an author, librarian, and editor of the book Writers for Relief, an anthology to benefit the victims of hurricane Katrina.

Michael D’Ambrosio, the author of the Fractured Time trilogy and Space Frontiers series. I was in the “very good audience” mentioned in his blog, and I’m so saddened to hear he had to cut his con time short due to a death in the family.

James Maxey, author of the Dragon Age fantasy series and the superhero novel Nobody Gets the Girl.

Chris Jackson, friendly and enthusiastic author, speaker and seafarer, whose spouse Anne was extremely sweet.

* Phil and Tim. I don’t recall their last names, but they know who they are. You guys are dynamite!

I also discovered John Claude Bemis‘ steampunk book for kids The Nine Pound Hammer, picked up several brilliant shirts by Off World Designs, bought a copy of Richard Dansky‘s new book Firefly Rain (no relation to the TV show, it’s a paranormal thriller set in North Carolina), and purchased some books from Orielis Quality Used Books from Chapel Hill.

And I saw a Klingon. Everything’s better with Klingons.

~ J.L. Hilton

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