My family’s been after me to play STARDEW VALLEY for months. I avoided the game because I thought it would be another Farmville. Wow, was I wrong.

STARDEW VALLEY looks like a cute little gardening simulator, but there’s also fishing, foraging, crafting, ranching, cooking, adventuring, brewing, and more.

Scratch the surface of STARDEW VALLEY and you’ll find wizards, magic, monsters, treasures, forest sprites, and mysterious mariners who only appear when it rains. There are strange artifacts to dig up and donate to the museum, books to read in the library, and puzzles to solve.

The idyllic village life masks conflict, financial woes, marital problems, and personal strife. One husband and father is away fighting in a war. Other villagers cope with alcoholism and depression, conduct secret love affairs, or struggle to stay in business.

Give gifts, make friends, and you’ll receive packages in the mail with useful supplies or experience cutscenes that offer glimpses into the lives and personalities of the people in Pelican Town. Some friendships can even lead to marriage and a family of your own.

I’m having a good time with this game and will continue to stream STARDEW VALLEY singleplayer on Twitch. My friend IceStella will join me later in co-op mode.

STARDEW VALLEY is available on PC, Mac, Linus, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, and as a mobile game for both iOS and Android. It’s rated “E” for everyone 10+ and includes fantasy violence, mild blood, mild language, use of alcohol and tobacco, and simulated gambling.

My streams, however, are intended for mature viewers, as I have a filthy mouth and a dirty mind.

UPDATE 01/20/2020: I’ve added a STARDEW VALLEY playlist to my YouTube channel with highlights from my Twitch streams. Videos range in length from 3-30 minutes each but most are around 5-10 minutes.

Click here to go to my STARDEW VALLEY playlist on YouTube

~ J.L. Hilton

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