Try-It Tuesday: SPIDER-MAN

Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN is a Playstation exclusive, released in September 2018, that became one of the fastest-selling games of the year and one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games of all time.

My husband bought the game so I figured I’d try it out this week. I’m not into third-person button combo fighting games, but I can see why people enjoy it. Web-slinging and swinging through the streets of New York is a blast, the dialog is witty, and it’s fun being a hero.

The gameplay in SPIDER-MAN didn’t really break any new ground, at least not in the short time I played. It pretty much felt like inFAMOUS from 2009 all over again, except they added some mini-games with various brain-teaser puzzles that didn’t really seem to belong in an “action-adventure” superhero crime-fighter game.

And 55 backpacks stashed around the city? Did Tony Stark buy him that $2,000 worth of canvas? No wonder Bethesda had to use vinyl. I joke, but seriously… 55 backpacks?

SPIDER-MAN is rated “T” for teens, due to blood, drug reference, language, and violence.

~ J.L. Hilton

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