Try-It Tuesday: MASS EFFECT Andromeda

MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Released in March 2017, it’s the fourth installment in the Mass Effect series.

Some of my readers have asked if my Stellarnet books were inspired by Mass Effect, but I’ve never played the games and know very little about the franchise. At the time I wrote Stellarnet Rebel, I hadn’t even played a Fallout or Elder Scrolls game, yet.

With a free trial on PS4, and at viewer request, I tried MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA this week. I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn’t have a single complaint, other than being in third-person, which is awkward for me. I wasn’t crazy about the face of the main character, Sara Ryder, she seemed too young and dopey looking, but I’m told that there’s a way to customize the character in the full game.

Definitely a game to consider buying and playing in the future!

MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA is rated “M” for mature players over 17, due to blood, nudity, strong language, strong sexual content, and violence.

~ J.L. Hilton

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