Post-holiday ebook readers guide: Regency

Now that you have a new Kindle, Nook, tablet or smartphone, why not load it up with some wonderful things to read? Throughout the month of January, I’ll be posting suggestions to help you choose a good book to cuddle up with on those cold winter nights!

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Regency romance by Wendy Soliman

A sparkling Regency in which a marquess finds his destiny in an impecunious siren with a beautiful voice and scorching pen. Compromising the Marquess is the first in a series charting the fortunes of the Forster dynasty. Hal Forster, Marquess of Denby, is intrigued by pauper Leah Elliott who moves to the district so that her sister can recover her health with bracing sea air. Leah earns a living by writing gossip for a scandal sheet, but bites off more than she can chew when she takes on the marquess…

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Author Wendy Soliman was brought up on the Isle of Wight in Southern England but now divides her time between Andorra and West Florida. She lives with her husband Andre and a rescued dog of indeterminate pedigree named Jake Bentley. The Isle of Wight is full of historic buildings, which is where she acquired her love of history, absorbing it like osmosis. She is the author of nine single-title Regency romances and is excited about her up-coming series charting the fortunes of the Forster dynasty. When not writing she enjoys reading other people’s books, walking miles with her dog whilst plotting her next scene, and is on a one-woman mission to save the wine industry from the economic slump. Well, someone’s got to do it! Read more at

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Regency paranormal by Alix Rickloff

Take one part Regency manners. Add some paranormal sorcery. Throw in a smuggler in search of a bride, a witch in search of a child, and a desperate bargain. Now spice it up with a dark prophecy of death, and you have the perfect recipe for Dangerous Magic…an enchanting story sure to keep you reading late into the night.

“The dark, moody, suspenseful tone of the book reminded me of the queen of gothic romance, Victoria Holt.” –Kathy Altman, USA Today

“…a heart-wrenching love story to keep you warm on the chilly fall nights.” –Rakehell

Find it at Carina Press, Amazon and B&N

A writer of historical-paranormal romance, Alix Rickloff creates a compelling world of magic and enchantment set during the British Regency period. Her books have been described as “sexy and intense”, “exciting and spellbinding” and “a universe you won’t ever wish to leave”. You can visit her at, or

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