Post-holiday ebook readers guide: Fantasy

Now that you have a new Kindle, Nook, tablet or smartphone, why not load it up with some wonderful things to read? Throughout the month of January, I’ll be posting suggestions to help you choose a good book to cuddle up with on those cold winter nights!

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Fantasy Romance by Nicole Luiken

Magic, sacrifice, betrayal…  To keep her family safe, Sara must discover the secret of slave magic in Gate to Kandrith.

Note from J.L. Hilton: I’ve read this book and it made me excited about fantasy again. Like my Stellarnet Series, Gate to Kandrith explores themes of freedom and loyalty. I love the magical system Nicole created for her world, and the way the characters got to know each other, grew and changed through the book.

4.5 Stars RT Book Reviews: “Filled with plotlines that range from the political to the fantastical, the adventure is what keeps readers engrossed…”

Find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, Indigo (Kobo), and as an audio book on Audible

Author Nicole Luiken wrote her first novel at age 13 and never looked back. A long-time reader of both fantasy and romance novels, she had fun combining the two genres in Gate to Kandrith. Find out more about Nicole and her books on her website

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Urban Fantasy/Paranormal by R. L. Naquin

Mix together one part quirky, one part fun, and one part darkness. Fold in a liberal amount of odd, lovable characters of various monstrous qualities. Add a dash of slow romance and horrifying death. Sprinkle liberally with shoes, hats, and a magical handbag. Simmer and enjoy until the sequel comes out in March.

“What I found in this book was a really delightful, magical story that was a complete pleasure to read and different from the rather dark books I’d been reading. It was like a happy, smart palate cleanser for my brain.” ~ Wicked Little Pixie

“This book was hilarious. I found myself laughing outright more than once…The story was believable, and it seemed more real to life than others (if soul-sucking incubi were real, that is). I couldn’t put this story down, and I’m really hoping R.L. Naquin turns this into a series.” ~ Rom Fan Reviews

Buy it at Carina Press, Amazon, B&N, Audible

Author R. L. Naquin believes in magic, the power of love, good cheese, lucky socks, and putting things off until stress gets them done faster at the last minute. Her home is Disneyland, despite her current location in Kansas. Website Twitter Facebook

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Historical time travel fantasy by Ruth Casie

Would you travel through time to find your true love? Rebeka Tyler never thought herself a warrior, renown authority on medieval and renaissance studies, yes, a martial arts amateur, absolutely, a warrior, definitely not. Tossed into the 17th century, she’s plunged into the midst of a struggle between two druid masters. While she tries to decode the ancient runes and unearth a family secret in order to return she physically fights for her life against the dark druid, Bran, and struggles emotionally with the druid knight, Lord Arik, and the truth about their past. Neither Rebeka nor Arik can succeed by themselves, they must partner in order to win. But it will cost her dearly, her heart, and, if she’s lucky, her future.

“Strong vibrant characters… exciting beautifully told legendary tale that’s rich and engaging… full of ‘edge of your seat’ suspense, mind-boggling dreams and a forever-after romance.” ~ Romance Junkies

Find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible and in paperback at Harlequin

For 25 years, author Ruth Casie’s been writing for corporate America. Encouraged by family and friends this ballroom dancing, Sudoku playing, aspiring gourmet has given way to her inner muse. Now she writes historical fantasies about strong men and empowered women and how they cope with unexpected challenges. She hopes her stories become your favorite adventures. Find her at her website, blog or on Twitter.

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Some books fit more than one category — such as Paranormal Mystery or Erotic Historical — so be sure to visit all of the links for some great reads.

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Jan 9 – Paranormal
Jan 11 – Western
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Jan 16 – Historical Romance
Jan 18 – Erotic
Jan 21 – Romantic Suspense
Jan 23 – Regency
Jan 25 – Mystery
Jan 28 – Contemporary Romance
Jan 30 – Fantasy

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