Post-holiday ebook readers guide: Contemporary Romance

Now that you have a new Kindle, Nook, tablet or smartphone, why not load it up with some wonderful things to read? Throughout the month of January, I’ll be posting suggestions to help you choose a good book to cuddle up with on those cold winter nights!

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Contemporary romance by Inez Kelley

It has erotic tones. It has a thread of hope beneath the darkness but that darkness is hard to swallow at times. You don’t always like the main characters. You don’t always agree with them. Sometimes, you want to smack them, actually. Parts of it can be hard to read not because of the writing but because of the subject matter. There is guilt and lies and hope and love and betrayal. There are victims and survivors. There is love that conquers the darkness. Rated 4.5 stars by RT Book Reviews.

…passionate and deeply moving, expertly balancing the discovery of new love with the unraveling of childhood secrets. – FreshFiction

…hyper intense, hyper complex, its what romance, new romance, is supposed to be. – Romance Book Forum

Buy Sweet as Sin at Carina Press, Kobo AMZ, ARe, BoB or B&N

Author Inez Kelley lives in the Midwest in a house affectionately called The Brady Bunch place. She spends most of her time in a cramped little office (Alice’s room) surrounded by a multitude of books, a plastic gecko and her computer. A multi-published author of various romance genres, you can visit her at her website Follow Inez on twitter at @Inez_Kelley or on Facebook at

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Contemporary romance by Liz Flaherty

Love in a small town. Lucy’s JAR OF DREAMS is safely buckled in her beat-up minivan when she lands in Taft, Indiana, to start over. She rents a room and goes into business with her landlady, but then Gert’s nephew comes charging to the rescue. Boone Brennan will be damned if he’ll let Lucy take advantage of Aunt Gert. Come along and join in with the flying sparks!

“For an unforgettable story of forgiveness and redemption, Jar of Dreams is that tale.” – Author D’Ann Lindun

“Liz Flaherty has a flair for small town, heartwarming romance. Jar of Dreams will leave you wishing for another chapter and another cup of tea.” – Author Kristina Knight

Find it at Amazon, Carina Press, B&N

From the author Liz Flaherty: Life is new and wonderful for me these days. I retired from the post office in 2011, promptly gained 15 pounds—overnight, I swear!—and promised my grandkids, The Magnificent Seven, that I would make each of them a bed-size quilt. I also planned to write all day, every day. What was I thinking? I’ve learned to write when I feel like it, sew when I feel like it, and maybe even to eat a little less—or maybe not. I’ve learned to share the house and sometimes even the kitchen with Duane, my husband of, oh, lots of years. And I’m having a Very, Very Good Time. I recently finished the sixth quilt and my sixth book—I’m not an overnight success, but I never give up—JAR OF DREAMS, is a new release by Carina Press. I am thrilled to the point everyone I know rolls their eyes as soon as I open my mouth.

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Contemporary romance by Rachael Johns

As an anthropologist, Holly McCartney is more comfortable in a museum than shopping on Rodeo Drive. She isn’t prepared for the media frenzy on her arrival in L.A. to accept a postumous acting award for her late sister… or for her sister’s gorgeous friend Nate Devlin to come to her rescue. Though he resents her for some reason, she can’t fight their irresistible chemistry – especially when the paparazzi force her to stay at his mansion!

“A glamorous and intense Hollywood love story with a sexy, brooding hero and a bold and beautiful heroine. Nice one, Ms Johns! A new romance star is born.” – Heidi Rice, USA Today bestselling author

Find it at Carina Press, Amazon, B&N

Author Rachael Johns is an English teacher by trade, a mum 24/7, a supermarket owner by day, a chronic arachnophobic, and a writer by night. She rarely sleeps and never irons. She lives in rural Western Australia with her hyperactive husband and three mostly-gorgeous heroes in training. Visit her website, blog, Twitter and Facebook.

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Some books fit more than one category — such as Paranormal Mystery or Erotic Historical — so be sure to visit all of the links for some great reads.

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